Wood Finishing oven

Consultech are the leaders in manufacturing of Wood Finishing oven. The technical specifications, design, manufacturing, installation & commissioning process is offered as a complete package. Our Wood Finishing ovenare preferably suitable for a wide range of wood coating and paint drying and are available in many different sizes, types and temperature ranges.

Our Wood Finishing ovenare energy efficient with a minimum of gradient across their widths as well as heights. Uniform distribution of heat ensures uniform baking of all the components.

Consultech Wood Finishing ovenare renowned throughout the variety of industrial heating application as the best oven currently available. These oven are available in a range of temperature are all pre-assembled, wired and tested prior to dispatch. The heating media are used with Gas, Diesel, Electricity or Thermic fluid/Steam. All oven are constructed from high quality components using our unique modular construction method.

We have batch box type oven with wide range and readily available. Medium and big size industrial oven are built in Modular cassette and expandable construction. A unique feature of these oven are the World class Rockwool insulation for minimum heat loss.

Paint Drying Oven
Paint Drying Oven
Wood Coating Booth
Wood Coating Booth

Why you should use Consultech Wood Finishing oven


  • Internationally renowned as the leading exporter & manufacturer in many industries.
  • Nut bolted construction hence easy installation.
  • Modular cassette and expandable construction.
  • Independent controlled hot air circulation fan.
  • World class Rockwool insulation for minimum heat loss.
  • More energy saving result in higher efficiency & outputs.
  • Head Mounted Heater box for Natural Gas, LPG, Electric, Steam or Hot Water, Indirect Oil.
  • Well-designed hot air circulation system.
  • Automatic control panel with warning alarm & timer to ensure the curing or baking of powder or paint.
  • High Volume Low Pressure hot air circulation system.
  • Uniform temperature all oven inside.
  • Easy operation and material movement flexibility.
  • Air louvers for hot air circulation with volume control.


  • Wood Coating
  • Lacquering
  • Wood painting
  • Clear Acrylics coating